Some years ago, I had the great pleasure and honor to spend quality time with the legendary Bob Blau at his home in Pearland, Texas. I was introduced to him by my dear friend Ken Neble. Bob & I kept in touch and during the course of our friendship it was suggested that I write a few words about this remarkable human being ….. and so, “In Conversation With…” was born .

Since then, I have written many others featuring many wonderful names including Eugene Burger and Jon Racherbaumer. I’ve had conversations with many remarkable Magicians and LIVE TV Style Talk Shows with several others. My Live Talk Shows have included several interesting singers, actors, magicians and other celebrities.

Max Maven in Israel at The MARS ( Magic At The Red Sea) Convention in Eilat was highly memorable and we both got a standing ‘O’ . I did another in Israel featuring Pavel and Quentin Reynolds.

At The Society of American Magicians Convention in Dallas, Texas in 2007 – PNP Maria Ibanez with Special Guest Star Phil WilMarth.

The one at The TAOM in 2008, with my dear friend and main guest Walter “Zaney” Blaney holds great memories for me – for all kinds of reasons – but the main one is because of the help and friendship of the wonderful cameo guest spots – Bill Palmer, Chuck Lehr, Scott Wells, Becky Blaney, Carol Blaney , Shannon Blaney, Ralph MarcoM, Bruce Kalver, Trixie Bond, Frances Willard, Glenn Falkenstein & David Copperfield. Special thanks to David Hira for making it all possible and an outstanding stage set. I am doubly delighted because it was a rare privilege to have my dear friend Ralph MarcoM on stage with us. Sadly, he has passed as has the legendary Mr. Falkenstein.

Prior to that I had written an “In Conversation With Walter “Zaney” Blaney. Incidentally, since then, Rory Johnston used my article as the basis for his research on his article on Walter for MAGIC magazine.

Walter loved my article on him so much that he sent it to Alan Watson , who publishes the best e-zine in Magic. Alan loved it and included it . Alan asked me to do a series for the e-zine . I had to decline because of other work commitments. However, in January 2010, I was able to start a new series. Incidentally, the e-zine is published weekly and goes to 16,500 Magicians world-wide.

Once the articles had been published there in weekly parts they were then published in full on Vegas Inside Tips by another great family friend the late Steve Dacri.

Sadly, Steve passed earlier this year and the full articles were in need of a new home.

As a result, many friends in the business urged me to create a space for these articles . Hence Magical Words.

All of the people featured are good friends and it was my fervent desire to share the passion & love we all feel for The Art of Magic.



Anthony Darkstone