Anthony Darkstone is an Entertainer. First, Foremost & Always an Entertainer. He passionately believes that Magical effects, which he avoids calling Tricks, are merely the tools that are used by the Performer to Entertain. He always creates astonishment, wonder and perhaps even some intrigue but never tries to fool his audiences.

He is an International Envoy for The Society of American Magicians, Member of The Magic Circle, The International Brotherhood of Magicians, The Cavaliers of Magic & The London Society of Magicians. He is the a consultant to Magicians International & Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Magic Journal.

He is an experienced Performer, Producer, Talk-Show Host & Consultant. He has performed and lectured & run workshops in various parts of the USA including Las Vegas, Canada, Brazil, Singapore, Israel, Cape Verde, most of Europe plus England, Scotland and Wales. He has performed for various Diplomats including several Ambassadors, Celebrities, etc. His high end Cabaret & Close-Up Shows have gained him a well-earned International reputation.

Referred to as “The Larry King of Magic” his Talk shows have been a major feature of Magic Conventions such as The Society of American Magicians, The Texas Association of Magicians, The International BrotherHood of Magicians, Magic At The Red Sea, etc., and his Guests have included many of the World’s Leading Magical Entertainers including David Copperfield. He has been a Judge for both Close-Up & Stage Magic competitions.

He is also known for his in-depth articles on several Leading names in the Industry. Please click on Magical Words for details. He has also written for almost all of The Magic magazines and has himself been featured in several. He was honored to be on the cover of M-U-M the monthly magazine of The Society of American Magicians, featured in the Press in Israel, USA, UK and Europe and was Member profiled in The Magic Circular the monthly publication of the prestigious Magic Circle.

He has many awards & accolades to his credit. He is part of an exclusive group to have been awarded the prestigious Beneficus Ars Magica award.
He is well versed in the concepts of Marketing and has created especially designed shows featuring the Clients’ Products & Services. He has created Shows for several Exhibitions and Product launches gaining his Clients maximum Media coverage for their Products. In some instances he has taught Brand Managers & Senior Executives Magical effects to tie in with the Product and Services.